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About Tudor

πŸ‘‹ Hey there, nice to meet you!

I'm a Digital Designer based in Germany.

My dedication and eye for detail have allowed me to contribute in meaningful and productive ways. Throughout the years I had the chance to work on projects in UI/UX, web design, branding & identity, and print design.

How do I define design?
I see Design as a better approach to solving human problems. A problem-solving activity, and an ongoing experience of discovery and testing, without beginning or end. This is why I strongly believe a good design not only involves visual aesthetics, but also an interface that functions well, and that requires a deep understanding of human behavior.


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What sets me apart

Adaptability – easily adjust to changing circumstances.
Curiosity – desire to learn and ask questions.
Humility – being empathetic & humble.
Initiative – stepping up, and going the "extra mile".
Creative Approach

How I work

The specific steps I take on any project always depend on the project goals, resources, and the team I’m working with. However, most of the time, I approach my creative process using the double diamond method to deliver aesthetic solutions to real problems
Tudor Baidoc Double Diamond design process

Tools I use for my creative work

Using these four vital tools, whether working alone or in a team, is the greatest way for me to keep on top of my work.
Figma Icon App

Figma – My most used tool, for design, prototyping, and gathering feedback, all in one place.

Adobe Creative Cloud Icon

Adobe Apps – Usually using it for any type of brand identity work, vector, or photo editing.

Notion App Icon

Notion – The all-in-one tool to take notes, write wikis, and sometimes project management.

Visual Studio Code Icon

Visual Studio Code – Favorite code tool for edit-build-debug cycle.


πŸ‘€ What people say about me

Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"Tudor is for me one of the most talented and accurate product designers. He always works quickly, carefully, and precisely. The most difficult tasks are never a problem for him, but always a challenge that he gladly accepts. His ambition to always reach the next level is admirable...
Christopher Hofmann
Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"Tudor manages to significantly exceed expectations on every project. He always delivers multiple design drafts and thinks of UX and design optimizations that were not considered in the brief.
Alexander Bauer
Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"I’ve had been working with Tudor on a fast-moving project that has greatly benefited from his talents. Tudor is an intelligent, creative, team-oriented, and highly-conscientious designer.
Martin Richenhagen
Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"While I do not know Tudor personally, I would like to recommend Tudor for his professionalism, for his prompt response to issues, and to his knowledge of web design. He is very approachable and interested in helping people solve their design problems.
Charles Bosworth
Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"We truly appreciate all the dedication and hard work Tudor has put into getting our UI beyond par. Our customers have actually commented on the look, feel, and ease of use since the work was complete. The enthusiasm and efficiency that Tudor brought to the table were invaluable.
Scott Bowen
Star ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar ReviewStar Review
"Tudor has done a variety of work for my company and I sincerely enjoy working with him. Not only is he a talented designer, but Tudor is also a hard-working individual that consistently strives to improve his skills. His eagerness and devotion have made the design process for our projects go smoothly and have produced effective results.
Andrew Benson